You can relax and pamper yourself with a first class pedicure at I-Nails Spa. With the premium...

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Whether you are looking for glamour nails, Gelish or just a touch up, we have the perfect fit for ...

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You can pamper yourself with shaping session or touch up with our waxing service. All types of...

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Enhancing Your Journey To Self-Exploration

Its a great pleasure to introduce I-Nails spa as one of its kind nail spa.

I-Nails Spa is a premier nail salon that lets you avail the best pampering service. Being in business for long years, we provide the ultimate treatment so that you always feel happy. Our rejuvenating spa cum Nail Salon near Me takes pride in having a distinct ambiance where you can treat yourself or pamper yourself after a hectic day’s end. We bring you a wide range of Nail art & nail decoration to enhance the beauty within you.

Our mission is to offer you the unequaled expertise, so that you can depend on us for the best in manicures, pedicures, massage etc. We believe the curative power of spa treatments is just unending and that's why we provide our clients the ultimate in customer service. Making good use of the advanced technologies and techniques, we leave you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. At our facility, we combine the most modern technology with quality products to extend the highest possible services.

Our expert staffs are well trained and have a desire for your overall well-being. Our professionally trained staffs enhance your sojourn to self-discovery. We integrate an extensive range of treatments with superior service.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority and in order to live up to their expectations, we initiate every possible effort. With minute attention to details & commitment, our experts are committed to bring you a refreshing change with a new line of service.

Relax with our pampering nail treatment. We all know that everyone is beautiful and I-Nails Spa helps you celebrate your inner beauty.

Embellish your tips & toes so they look chic & modish!

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